How to Get Cryptocurrencies

There are many platforms to acquire cryptocurrencies, from free tips, to getting paid in the coind of your choice, to exchanges. But to have them you will first need to get a wallet to hold them.


Wallets are what you will hold your coin in and keep secure. There are many different types of wallets; hardware, paper, software, and online wallets. Hardware wallets are akin to portable hard drives there are specially made ones specifically for cryptocurrencies. Paper wallets are a strip of paper that have a QR code to the address on the network and have the keys on them as well. Software wallets are a downloadable wallet to the hard drive of your choice. Online wallets are a service provided by a company to hold your coins for you.

Hardware Wallet - There are companies that make hardware wallets specifically for cryptocurrencies. Some of them are Trezor, LedgerWallet, and Keepkey.

Paper Wallet - There are some services that will assist in the creation of a paper wallet. One of them is Wallet Generator. Some information and guidance on creating a paper wallet can be found here.

Software Wallet - Some places to download software wallets would be an Electrum wallet, Jaxx, and Exodus. You can also download the native wallet for whichever coin you wish to own from their websites.

Online Wallets - There are several companies that host a wallet service for ease of use. Some of them are Coinbase, Xapo, Blockchain, and Holy Transaction

First Getting Coin

There are several ways to purchase the coin of your choice. The easiest way is to purchase Bitcoin and then go to the exchange of your choice and trade for the coin you want. Below are some easy ways to purchase Bitcoin.

Coinbase offeres its users a way to link their U.S. bank accounts with a wallet and directly buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

LocalBitcoins users can interact with sellers of Bitcoin and purchase by putting cash into a local bank or credit union. They then get their Bitcoin a few hours after.

If you're tech savvy you can go to Jobs4Bitcoins subreddit and get paid in Bitcoin.

Circle allows you to move money via text on your mobile phone. They also deal in Bitcoin.

Bitaccess allows you to purchase Bitcoin with Billpay.

You can also find the nearest Bitcoin ATM.

Another way that is popular is through faucets. Faucets are sites that offer micropayments in the coin that the site is offering for completing a captcha puzzle. Typically these micropayments go to another processor that accepts these micropayments until they add up to a threshold to be able to transfer to a wallet over the network. The threshold is there so that the transfer fee for the movement to your wallet doesn't eat up all of your transfer. These sites typically make their money with ad placements, so they will be heavy with ads. Some of the more popular faucets are moonbitcoin, moonlitecoin, moondogecoin, Daily Free Bits, Potcoin Lotto, Mellow Ads, Ref Hunters for DASH, Bitcoin, Peercoin, Litecoin, and Doge. Try to beware of the faucet sites that you visit. There are some legit ones out there but some of them could have malware embedded in their sites. If you search for your coin and the term "faucet" you could find several out there.

You could also spend some coin that you have or even fiat currency to be able to cloudmine. Cloud mining is a service from a 3rd party that will mine for you. Of course they will have a premium but there are two services that have been around for years and not scammed anybody. Those services are Genesis Mining and EOBot

Another method of obtaining coin is to do ad campaigns, it also helps to drive traffic to any referral links you may have. Some of the more reliable advert companies out there are below.


Mellow Ads

Another way to get coin is through PTC  (Pay to Click) sites. There are some sites that are out there and we will endeavor to keep this site updated with the live and paying ones. Some of those sites that pay in coin are below.




Now that you have some Bitcoin, or possibly other coin, you can go to an exchange and change out your coin for what you want. Or you can conduct trades for some possible profit. Below are some of the larger exchanges.

Kucoin - a fairly new exchange compared to some older ones. This exchange will allow you to purchase its native token, Kucoin Shares (KCS), and as long as you hold the shares you will get a piece of their daily take on trades that happen on the site. It's a good way to get multiple coins without purchasing them directly.

GDAX - is the native exchange for Coinbase. If you have a Coinbase account you will use the same credentials for GDAX. GDAX only exchanges the same coin that Coinbase uses.

Poloniex - This is another large volume exchange that lists several ALTCoins along with Bitcoin.

Bittrex - This exchange also processes a large volume and lists several ALTCoins along with Bitcoin.

Kraken - This is another popular exchange that has a large volume with several ALTCoins.

BTCPOP - This is a site that has an exchange and a good following.

CEX - This site is an exchange that has good volume and also allows to purchase coins via credit cards.

Bitstamp - This exchange is another one that has large volume.

Bitflyer - This exchange is a popular one in Asia and has a large volume.

BTC Markets - This exchange is an Australian exchange that is good for trading.

YoBit - This is also another large exchange that has huge volume and a large number of ALTCoins to trade.